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    Department of Neurology

    The main directions of the scientific work of the Department:

    1) Development of the priority fundamental and applied topics in the area of vascular neurology (ethiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the brain circulation impairment):

    • Study of the patterns of the development of different phenotypes of ischemic strokes regarding different ethiopathogenic subtypes (A-S-C-O: A – atherosclerosis, S – small vessel disease, C – cardiac, O – other cause) — leading researcher, PhD Sidorovich E.K.
    • Development of the modern methods for differentiated diagnosis and treatment of vascular dementia, based on early detection of neuropsychological and psychomotor impairments (Sidorovich E.K., patent №19408, 11.05.2015).
    • Development of the modern methods for differentiated diagnosis and treatment of vascular dementia with respect to type and degree of cognitive and other neurological impairment. The program developed for the correction of early cognitive impairment and vertical posture maintaining using stabiloplatforms (Sidorovich E.K., patent application а20120780 18.05.2012).
    • Research in the area of early diagnosis of chronic ischemic brain dyscirculation with mild cognitive and motor impairment in the patients with arterial hypertension (leading researcher PhD Sidorovich E.K., leading researcher PhD Astapenko A.V., Pavlovskaya T.S.).
    • Technology for differentiated treatment of ischemic stroke (I.A. Gonchar, G.K. Nedzved, I.S. Prudyvus, A.V. Frolov, L.M. Gul, S.Ya. Sviridovich).
    • Algorithm for diagnosis and correction of vascular-platelet and plasma haemostasis in acute ischemic stroke (I.A. Gonchar, Yu.I. Stepanova, I.S. Prudyvus, S.Ya. Sviridovich, S.A. Mareyko, A.V. Krasilnikova, L.M. Shishlo).
    • Study of the vascular mechanisms of lacunar infarctions from 2001 (Anatskaya L.N.).
    • Guidelines for the management of precerebral arteries stenosis (A.V. Astapenko, E.L. Osos)

    2) Manual therapy for different diseases of nervous system (A.V. Borisenko, V.K. Zabarovsky).

    3) Diagnosis and treatment of demyelinating diseases of CNS (G.K. Nedzved, A.G. Bunyak, Yu.N. Holets, S.M. Roubuts, I.P. Maryenko).

    4) Development of the programme for management of focal dystonias using botulinum toxin A, including rare forms: writer's cramp, laryngeal dystonia (S.A. Likhachev, T.N. Charnukha, Yu.N. Rushkevich).

    5) Development of new methods for the treatment of movement disorders (Parkinson's disease, dystonia) using chronic DBS (S.A. Likhachev, V.V. Alexeevets, V.S. Terekhov, V.V. Vashchylin, A.G. Bynyak, O.A. Alenicova).

    6) Myasthenia gravis and other neuromuscular junction impairments (S.A. Likhachev, A.V. Astapenko, S.L. Kulikova, E.L. Osos, T.V. Korbut, T.G. Gvisch).

    7) Vestibular dysfunction (S.A. Likhachev, I.P. Maryenko, O.A. Alenicova).

    8) Hereditary diseases of nerve system (I.V. Pliashko).

    9) Neurogenic chronic severe pain syndromes. Development of the clinical criteria for the selection of patients for surgical treatment with chronic spinal cord stimulation — SCS (A.G. Bunyak, O.L. Zmachinskaya, V.V. Alexeevets, V.S. Terekhov).

    10) Videomotion analysis in the patients with Parkinson's disease, cerebellar ataxia, back pain (S.A. Likhachev, V.A. Lukashevich, A.N. Kachinsky, V.V. Vashchylin, I.S. Goursky).


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