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220114, Minsk, Belarus, 24 F. Skoriny (show on map)

Information desk: +375 17 369-77-32

Paid services: +375 17 267-27-03

    Neurosurgical department №1

    The Neurosurgical Department #1 has got a rich history. The forefather is Neurosurgical Department which was established in 1949 in Belarussian Soviet Republic. In the beginning it was located on the basis of Minsk Clinical Hospital #3 and was a part of The Institute of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Physiotherapy. The head of the Department was The President of National Science Academy of BSSR, academician of Academy of Medical Science of the USSR N.I. Hrashchenkov, who initiated the foundation of neurosurgical scientific department (now abbreviated RSPC - Republican Scientific Practical Cetre) of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Physiotherapy.

    The Neurosurgical Department #1 disposes 45 medical beds, and is located on the 3rd floor of the clinical building, which includes comfortable block type double chambers. The head of the Department is V.A. Smejanovich, MD. Scientific supervisor is professor Shan’ko J.H, PHD. Surgical treatment of the patients with the following diseases is carried out: cerebral and spinal cord neurooncology, diseases of Peripherical nervous system, cerebral saccular aneurisms and vascular malformations (both direct and endovascular interventions), discogenic sciatica (microsurgical discectomy) and lumbosacral stenosis, various forms of hydrocephaly, cranial nerve neuralgia, post-injury consequences  (traumatic brain injury, traumatic plexus injury, as well as peripherical and facial nerves). The following minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries are carried out: transnasal endoscopic tumor ectomy (tumors of chiasmosellar area), transcranial intraventricular surgery in treatment of hydrocephaly and intraventricular tumors, tumor removal of the anterior and posterior fossae, transnasal liquor fistulae plastics. The small invasive stereotaxic neurosurgical interventions are carried out as well.