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    Operating unit

    The operating and intensive care module with an operating unit was opened in the Republican Research and Clinical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery (further - the Center) in Minsk in November, 2013.

    The Center can provide highly modern neurosurgical care to patients with brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders of the central nervous system. Neurosurgical hospital for 122 beds for adult and pediatric patients, computer tomography rooms, magnetic resonance imaging, intervention radiology room were organized in the center.

    More than 2500 neurosurgical and endovascular operations are performed in the operating and intensive care module annually, more than 1500 interventions of which being high-tech and 400 - complex.

    It is important to note that our centre has the best line of equipment for general neurosurgery, vascular, endoscopic, functional and stereotactic neurosurgery in the Republic of Belarus. The modern complex of precise imaging techniques based on MRI, CT allows to identify both structural and functional changes in the nervous system with high accuracy.  If necessary,  angiographic, ultrasonic, neurophysiological studies are added to this diagnostic complex. A wide range of modern laboratory studies is performed in the Center too.

    The operating unit consists of six operating rooms  where high-tech and complex operations are performed to treat tumors and vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord, herniations of intervertebral disks, diseases of peripheral nervous system. Operating unit is equipped with all necessary modern equipment and tools for performing the operations at high level (Fig. 3).

    Ventilation and air conditioning system provides cleaned (sterile) air for operating rooms, preoperative and anesthetic room, creates an unidirectional flow of sterile air in the operating table zone, passing through the laminar valve with area of 9 m2. Ventilation and air conditioning systems may be adjusted to constantly maintain the required parameters of temperature and humidity individually for each operating room (Fig. 4).

    Surgical and anesthetic ceiling consoles «DVE 721 010» and «Kendroport Sp.» serve for an easy and reliable supply of all medical equipment with electricity and medical gases (oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, vacuum) (Fig. 5) .

    Operating unit lamps «Mach LED SC», «Kalea 20, Kalea 30 Surgiris S.A.S.» with LED light sources allow to adjust the colourful temperature, brightness, luminous flux depth, thus achieving the most comfortable color spectrum of a surgical zone. This is an important factor in achieving good results (Fig. 6).

    Operating microscopes «Leica M720» are required to perform neurosurgeries to treat children and adult patients with tumors and vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord, diseases of the peripheral nervous system (Fig. 7.8).

    Navigation systems «Vector Vision 2, Brainlab AG», «Medtronic StealthStation TREON plus» are used to achieve high accuracy and to minimize the impact on the surrounding unmodified tissue during interventions into pathological foci. ( Fig. 9).

    Neurosurgical endoscopes «Karl Storz» are used to perform minimally invasive operations in patients suffering from hydrocephalus, tumors of the skull base area, tumors of chiasm, sella turcica and parasellar regions (Fig. 10).

    Intraoperative monitoring systems «ISIS IOM» are necessary for intraoperative assessment of the condition of the spinal cord and brain during the operations on the brain and spinal cord in the patients suffering from tumors of the spinal cord and brain with a high risk of developing postoperative motor and sensory disorders.

    Ultrasound dissector aspirators «SONOCA 300 SÖRING» are used to remove tumor tissues (Fig. 11).

    Motor systems for craniotomy «AESCULAP GB 169R Micro-Line» allow to perform any type of surgical interventions on the brain and spinal cord with minimal impact on the surrounding tissue.

    Electrosurgical high-frequency devices «EMED ES 350" (electrocautery devices) are used for dissecting tissue and performing hemostasis during a surgery.

    Operating tables "OUK 02-1" with electric and hydraulic drive are equipped with a complete set of accessories to perform operations at any required functional position.

    During the surgical procedures, surgical instruments produced by «AESCULAP», «Medicon», «Asanus» manufacturers, «Nopa», «Dimeda» are used for different purposes (Fig. 12).

    To perform hemostasis,  haemostatics are applied: Hemostatic sponge based on collagen, fibrinogen («Tachocomb»), regenerated cellulose («Surgicel»).

    The operations are performed by highly skilled neurosurgeons trained at leading foreign neurosurgical clinics in Europe, America, Russia.

    For neurosurgical treatment in our Centre, foreign citizens may contact via the E-mail address : or call to the registry of  paid services department : +375 17 249-40-49. Contact person - Shpak Katsiaryna Anatolievna.

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