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    Laboratory of clinical pathophysiology of nerve system

    The laboratory was established in August 2005.

    Laboratory Head – MD, PhD, ScD, professor Natalia Nechipurenko (pathological physiology - 14.03.03, nerve disease - 14.01.11).


    The laboratory staff: prof. Nechipurenko N.I., MD, PhD, ScD.;  associate professor Vasilevskaya L.A., MD. PhD.;  Pashkovskaya I.D., PhD.;  Kharlan A.V.

    The main areas of collective research activities are as follows:

    1) studying the pathophysiological mechanisms of cerebral vascular pathology of ischemic genesis (cerebral infarction, dyscirculatory encephalopathy), and various lesions of the peripheral nervous system (neuropathy of traumatic, compressive-ischemic, and  dysmetabolic etiopathogenesis);

    2) studying the biological mechanisms of influence and efficacy of a low-intensity laser radiation, mainly the laser hemotherapy, in patients with cerebrovascular diseases of ischemic genesis  and  lesions of peripheral nerves;

    3) studying the mechanisms and methods of complex treatment of patients with neuropathic pain syndromes in peripheral nervous system diseases;

    4) developing the speckle-optical methods for evaluation and differential diagnostics of changes in a functional state of different muscles based on registering a  muscle tone in patients with nervous system diseases;

    5) studying the cutaneuos microhemodynamics and the mechanisms of vascular reactivity by the methods of high-frequency ultrasound Doppler and speckle-optics;

    6) introducing the laser hemotherapy into practice at the neurological departments of the Centre and other medical institutions of the Republic.


    Professor N.I. Nechipurenko investigates the pathogenesis of acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, neurodystrophic processes, various lesions of the peripheral nervous system, the neuropathic pain syndromes, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments of peripheral and central nervous system diseases; the mechanisms of action of a low-intensity laser radiation in the laser hemotherapy. The experimental and clinical data of the researches carried out on the problem of  peripheral nervous system diseases were summarized in her doctoral dissertation "Pathophysiological mechanisms and issues of pathogenetic therapy of traumatic lesions of peripheral nerves" successfully defended in 1992 at the Specialized Council at St. Petersburg State Institute of  Postgraduate Medical Education. In 2004 she was awarded the title of professor. N.I.Nechipurenko is an author of 550 scientific publications and 33 inventions.  N.I. Nechipurenko was a scientific adviser for successfully defended eight Ph.D. and one ScD dissertations. N.I. Nechipurenko is a member of the Scientific Council of the state institution “National Neurology and Neurosurgery Centre of Belarus” of the Ministry of Public Health, Specialized Councils for defending dissertations at Belarusian State Medical University and National Neurology and Neurosurgery Centre of Belarus. She is an expert of the Foundation for Fundamental Researches of Belarus. She is a member of the editorial board of the journals "Medical News", "Neurology and Neurosurgery. East Europe". N.I. Nechipurenko is a member of the Board of the Belarusian Society of Physiologists.



    The laboratory staff: 

    Associate professor L.A. Vasilevskaya (Pathological physiology - 14.03.03.), a leading researcher, specializes in functional diagnostics. She has a good command of methods for speckle-optical investigating the cutaneous and cerebral microhemodynamics, biomechanical properties of muscles, their tonic condition and contractile activity. She performs electroneurophysiological investigations of brain. L.A. Vasilevskaya is engaged in the development of diagnostic techniques for speckle optical assessment of a muscle functional state and a skin blood flow in nervous system diseases, and is also involved in developing new treatments using the laser hemotherapy. L.A.Vasilevskaya is an author of more than 260 published scientific papers and 45 inventions. She is a co-author of 3 monographs.  L.A.Vasilevskaya is a scientific adviser for three master’s dissertations.



    I.D. Pashkovskaya (Pathological physiology - 14.03.03.), a leading researcher, is a specialist in the field of pathological physiology and clinical laboratory diagnostics. She studies the characteristics of free-radicals and oxidation-reductions processes, water-electrolyte and trace element metabolism in acute and chronic cerebral ischemia. Together with the laboratory staff she develops new methods of treatment, differential diagnosis and screening of different diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. As a co-author, she developed a method for diagnosing hypoxia in ischemic stroke. At present she studies the pro-and antioxidant status of an organism compared to the content of trace elements in the blood of patients with brain vascular pathology. I.D. Pashkovskaya is an author of nearly 150 scientific papers, she has 6 Belarusian patents for inventions. 

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