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    Likhachev S.A., MD, PhD, Prof.

    Head of the neurological department of the Centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery, MD, Professor Sergey Likhachev, was awarded a medal of Francis Skarina (Presidential Decree of 16 January 2013. №32 «On conferring state awards of the Republic of Belarus") for many years of hard work in the healthcare system; considerable personal contribution to the organization of neurological services of the Republic of Belarus; the creation of the health care system for patients with muscular dystonia; the development of theoretical aspects of vestibular dysfunction, training of highly qualified personnel.

    Likhachev SA since 2005 and currently manages the neurological service as a Major neurologist Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. He personally developed 6 main orders by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus regulating the activities of neurological services, aimed at improving the detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurological diseases.

    Likhachev SA participated in the development of several important existing regulations, including the National State of the Republic of Belarus demographic security program for 2006-2010., the State National Program of Demographic Security of Belarus for 2011-2015, and "Cardiology" in 2011-2015.

    Likhachev SA is the author of 1660 scientific works, including 95 inventions, 8 monographs. He has supervised 21 PhD theses. For fruitful work in health and scientific advances were awarded honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Health, "Excellence in Health of the Republic of Belarus". In 1994. He was awarded the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. In 2012. awarded the Diploma of the WAC.

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