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220114, Minsk, Belarus, 24 F. Skoriny (show on map)

Information desk: +375 17 272-77-32

Paid services: +375 17 249-40-49


    Ryszard Sidorovich

    Director of the Republican Research and Clinical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Tel. of the office +375 17 374-46-95

    Vyacheslav Vashchilin 

    Deputy Director for Medical Affairs, Ph.D.  Candidate of Medical Sciences. Tel. +37517-253-83-95

    Eduard Vasilevitch

    Deputy Director for the organizational and methodical work, PhD, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Tel. +37517-258-20-12

    Yuri Shan'ko

    Deputy Director for Scientific Research, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Tel. +37517-374-46-95

    Lyudmila Parkhach

    Scientific Secretary of the Republican Research and Clinical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Ph.D., assistant professor. Tel. +37517-348-33-32

    Irina Dyatko

    Chief Nurse. Tel. +37517-373-96-84.

    Contacts how to get to the Center

    Address: Republic of Belarus, 220114, Minsk, 24 F. Skoriny

    Paid services: +375 17 231-78-64; +375 17 221-59-98

    Desk (for the patients with referrals): +375 17 370-70-39

    Information desk: +375 17 272-77-32