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220114, Minsk, Belarus, 24 F. Skoriny (show on map)

Information desk: +375 17 369-77-32

Paid services: +375 17 267-27-03

    Astapenko A.V., PhD

    Leading researcher of the neurological Department, PhD in neurology, associate Professor, doctor of the highest qualification category.

    Research interests: improving health care for patients with acute and chronic cerebrovascular pathology, development and introduction of new effective methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system (neurological complications of preeclampsia, syncope, diseases of the neuromuscular synapse, degenerative diseases of the Central nervous system, damage of the nervous system in alcoholism), an active participant in training of young specialists in Minsk and the Republic of Belarus.

    Contacts how to get to the Center

    Address: Republic of Belarus, 220114, Minsk, 24 F. Skoriny

    Paid services: +375 17 267-12-40; +375 17 266-25-00

    Desk (for the patients with referrals): +375 17 369-90-39

    Information desk: +375 17 369-77-32