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    David Dotiashvili Senior neurosurgeon of neurosurgical department Clinic ,,INNOVA” Tbilisi, Georgia

    1. What national georgian dishes do you cook at home?

    We cook lamb with herbs in wine.

    2. What attractions of Georgia would you suggest us to visit?

    I'd suggest you to visit ancient churches, vineyards, wine cellars. It would be also interesting to see Batumi. Georgia is the country of contrasts, you can find there mountains as well as the sea.

    3. What is the most striking national trait of Georgians?

    Their hospitality. Georgians say that guests are the messengers of God.

    4. What event in your country's history is the most significant for you?

    The most significant event for us is the proclamation of the independence of our country.

    5. What did you come to learn in the Republican Research and Clinical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery?

    I came here to study endovascular neurosurgery.

    6. Do you acquire the necessary knowledge here?

    Yes, and though I am still only a week in your Centre, but during this time I was able to acquire important skills. I was received very hospitably. The staff is very friendly here.

    7. Do you trust medical care in our Centre?

    Yes, of course. Medicine is at a very high level here. In your Centre operations are carried out of a very high complexity.

    8. Will you recommend your colleagues to come to us for training, and patients when necessary for treatment?

    Yes, I will recommend your Centre to colleagues and patients.

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